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March 9, 2008

About ???

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Hi all as I don’t have any topic to post I am posting about my hair don’t think it’s a crap I have faced lots and lots of difficulties…
Everyone in this world will have their own hair style in my case I ill set a style but it ends up in a different style. My hair looks like an iron strips especially my hair is a water proof. My mates will play a game in my hair that is they pour some water in my hair and they will see how long it will take to penetrate in my hair and touches my head looks interesting la. From this game u can come to a conclusion about my hair.
Because of my hair I got lots of nick names among those the one which is famous is 7up (FIDO). My college mates will call me like that only but its ok FIDO is a cool character u know. I tried different styles in my hair but not even a single style has worked out all ends up in a big flop. But I hope one day I ill change my hair style…


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