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November 1, 2009

Loadrunner error : The user files were not transferred to the local load generator

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This occurs when trying to run a load test the scripts to be used for the Load test may be located in any remote location or can be in the controller machine itself ..
The script utilizes the loadrunner parameters, and the dat files are stored on the same network location, in another folder of course.
Two errors actually occur

1.Error: The user files were not transferred to the local load generator
2.One or more of the script’s files have illegal names.It is possible that two files are using the same name and directory

Unfortunately for me, this error does not give me much information, like most of hp’s errors, it leaves me on a wild goose chase. The reason to the problem is quite bizarre, and very strange. But there is a way to fix it.
In the directory of the script, there is a .prm file. This is a config file that contains the details of your parameters. Open this in a text editor, in that you can will be able to see In here you will notice a “Table=xxx.dat” attribute for your parameter files. There will be one for each parameter defined in the parameter list. In this if you see Case of the parameter dat file in your script folder and the case of dat file entry in this prm will differ say (e.g) let us assume your parameter file as Login_ID.dat , but if you see in that .prm file the table name entyry will be “Table=login_iD.dat” so because of this your parameter file will not be loaded to your Load generator.
The solution is to check this file before load test is there any changes in the case or the best solution is to use small case for the parameter file which will eliminate this issue.

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