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March 9, 2008

About ???

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Hi all as I don’t have any topic to post I am posting about my hair don’t think it’s a crap I have faced lots and lots of difficulties…
Everyone in this world will have their own hair style in my case I ill set a style but it ends up in a different style. My hair looks like an iron strips especially my hair is a water proof. My mates will play a game in my hair that is they pour some water in my hair and they will see how long it will take to penetrate in my hair and touches my head looks interesting la. From this game u can come to a conclusion about my hair.
Because of my hair I got lots of nick names among those the one which is famous is 7up (FIDO). My college mates will call me like that only but its ok FIDO is a cool character u know. I tried different styles in my hair but not even a single style has worked out all ends up in a big flop. But I hope one day I ill change my hair style…


February 14, 2008

Some Experiences in my College days

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The first day of my college when i am on the way to enter into my class room three guys were standing at entrance to introduce them. From that one crazy but nice fellow is RaJaDeEpAk he is the first friend in my college days. As days passed i started to get lots of friends and fun some sentiment stuffs and some fights also happened.
The first year dance performance was really exciting G, Srik , Sivakumar, Sayed, R and myself we performed really hard and didn’t won any prize.Then me ,G ,Srik ,Siva ,Ramu ,Purush ,Sivaram, Prasanth ,R then the main one Sujitha were performed a Skit during my College day that was the bad experience i ever met but if i recall those days it is really very fun-full.
Then during my second year we again performed a dance performance and got third place that’s one of my exciting experience.Last year the same team performed a dance that was one of my bad experience. Then during middle of my third year i ve faced lot of problems all those taught me lessons for my future.
The latest badexperiencewas my results i got one arrears i was really shocked because i actually was expecting one subject DSP that every one in my class will expect that subject but fortunately or unfortunately i cleared that but i got IP arrears i don’t know what to do i just put reval and now i am waiting for that . These are some of my experiences happened in my college days and lot more are there but i will tell those later

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